Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pricey Dogs, Shorebirds & Cemetery Jumpin'

The weekend didn't end with Jazz. Saturday morning we went to the Dog Show. I had no idea this existed and discovered it on http://www.accessatlanta.com/ when looking for something to do with a 10 year old. It is evidently a big deal. There were thousands of dogs and these people are serious. We could barely find parking, and there were so many RV's and campers and out-of-state tags. I have never seen so many dogs in one place and so many varieties of breeds! We all had fun watching the dogs perform and seeing so many of them! Gracie loves dogs and thinks the Chinese Crested is the ugliest dog in the world. We saw two of them. One was wearing a rhinestone studded t-shirt. It was also funny to see how owners and dogs resemble one another.

We then went to the Capitol for a private tour. Gracie seemed to enjoy it much more than I thought she would. There is a museum on the 4th floor showcasing Georgia history, native plants and animals, Georgia grown products and such. She liked the display of coastal Georgia with the white egret and other Georgia shorebirds, I like that one too.

We then took a last minute detour before going home and drove into Oakland Cemetery. They describe themselves best, "Less than a mile from the heart of downtown Atlanta, a hidden treasure, a secret sanctuary, welcomes you. This garden cemetery, founded in 1850, is the final resting place of many of Atlanta's settlers, builders, and most noted citizens like Bobby Jones, Margaret Mitchell, and Maynard Jackson. It is also a showplace of sculpture and architecture, and a botanical preserve with ancient oaks and magnolias. Here in this peaceful place the full scope of the city's rich and fascinating history unfolds before you.

From a hilltop in Oakland Cemetery, General John B. Hood watched the Battle of Atlanta, and nearby lie soldiers from both sides who died in it. From that point you will have one of the best views of Atlanta's growing skyline, and you will begin to understand the people who came together to make Atlanta what it is today.

Spend an hour or a day exploring Oakland on your own or with a knowledgeable tour guide. Come learn about the men and women who laid the foundation for today's Atlanta. Pass through the gates of Oakland and you will discover Atlanta's history, from the beginning

I thought Mom and Dad would enjoy the historical part of it and Gracie would enjoy being outside. The sun was just setting and the lighting was perfect and Gracie was just energetic enough to get these...

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