Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Day in the Studio

Okay, maybe not another day. Maybe just the only day ever. However, there are more to come! I know it. For Bethel School we had to do a group project. My group wrote a song! Kerric was the encourager. Ben, the musician and I, the lyricist. Yep, I wrote it. Years ago I was inspired by Rolland Baker's teachings on falling in love with Jesus and how easy the relationship is with Him. You don't have to strive, struggle, fast, sweat or struggle to have a relationship with Him. It is easy. No agenda. I could write a whole sermon and testimony of this alone. Rolland also encouraged my creativity, telling us all that we should be singing our own worship that's deep inside. Some of it all came out! And on paper. And on the piano and leaked in the studio and is now a delightful little powerful song. We had fun. But Studio work is hard work. Eeek. It took forever. And was kinda boring at times really and I felt so inept. Gotta get busy practicing my keys so I can at least play a more vital part. But my words rocked. The song is nice. You can hear it. Someday.

Queens- Part 2

Colorful visuals of the Bubble Tea and fun Korean shops. I must go back. So much to see and do and eat. This shop was  fun.
The Bubble Tea. 
This makes me want one. Korean Candy is good too. I had those yummy Asian Candy treats in Africa and thought they were amazing and thought it was because I was starving. But, no, they are really just that good.

The Porter

This place recently made my Favorite Things.  Located in Little Five Points, it is a great place to spend an afternoon, choose from a massive selection of complex brews from around the world, and have a warm, delcious meal. They even offer pairing selections! You must go.
 These are fried goat cheese with honey. They knew I was coming.

Found it!

It was in my travel cooler. That's where you keep your camera right? In an insulated bag with all your food? I have been on the road a ton lately. Long weekend at Morningstar to hear Girls Out Loud, then back to Ft. Mill for a Conference with Iris Ministries, work, class, other work. Lots going on. I took my dry cleaning that has been in the trunk of the car since March 2009, and even picked it up! My legs are shaved. But the lawn is a jungle. Clothes are in the washing machine. But I have not checked the mail in days. But there are so many good things on here and I am so glad I found it. Or else you would not get to see him:
My adorable meat eating nephew, Nathaniel.
 He has dimples in his hands. And his teeth in my heart.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Long Island- Part I

I have been waiting for a quiet moment to sit down and write about my recent trip to Long Island. And now here I am in a moment of solitude and I can't find my camera! Where could it be? When did I have it last? I usually carry it everywhere I go. It is not in my bag. It will turn up. Eventually. So all you get are two pics that Sophia took:
I love Sophia. We were in mission school together, and although we lived  100 yards from each other I really didn't get to know her well. I sat with her once when we both went up to visit with the older girls in the Children's Center and she made popcorn and it was really good. Little did I know this girl is a professional. She is a real Foodie. She loves food and she can eat. She is tiny, tiny, but can eat like no one else I know...although someone comes to mind. Sophia is Korean and wanted me to experience authentic Korean Cuisine. So we drove through downtown Flushing and Queens until she found the perfect spot, a little Korean dive. I love dives.

The places where the locals eat. Except for BBQ dives, those are just gross. But Asian food dives with yummy fresh vegetables in fresh spices and crunchy rolls of amazingness. So good. Sophia ordered for me and I could not tell you what we had, but it was good. Really, really good. We got these gooey pumpkin cake things to go. It's called DDUK in Korean. However you say that. I like the texture of Asian foods. We went to the Korean Market and I bought candy for the kids. The best gummy candies you have ever put in your mouth. Ugh! I took pictures of all that too. Will put them here when the camera appears. Where could it be? Oh, I pray I have not lost it. Surely not.

But after the market we went into all these delightful Korean shops that all looked like Hello Kitty Sanrio stores that were so colorful and fun and you could stay in there for hours. Tiny intricate key chains in every shape and design you can imagine. Slim little notebooks and pencils and candies and all sorts of treasures in pink. The notebooks had poorly translated English written on the covers that made no sense whatsoever and we laughed hard at them. Kinda like the "Jesus Save You" t-shirt I saw in Africa, but funnier than that even.

Then we had Bubble Tea. Sophia got one flavor and I got another so that I could taste different kinds. That's what good friends are for. Mine was almost like a hazelnut flavor and Sophia's was fruity. They were served cold in big clear plastic cups with the biggest straws you have ever seen. The Bubbles are huge round dark tapioca. It is a sweet iced beverage with a chewy treat at the bottom. Strange I know. But good. Not something you would want every day, but absolutely something you must try. I have heard you can get them on Buford Highway in Atlanta. But don't go alone.

Sophia has invited me back and I am checking AirTran flights. Maybe it's on the kitchen counter? Or in the trunk? Part II coming soon....