Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An American Girl in Kenya

This is about my friend Carly. I have told you about her already. She and a few other girls are living in Kenya and have built a house for street boys. Carly is tall and blonde and beautiful.  She gets up every morning and gets a house full of boys ready for school, does homework with them, takes them to doctors appointments, leads them in Bible Study, worship time, prayer, gets them out of jail. She has to daily walk in love and acceptance. They get high. They steal. She loves them. She astounds me.

Friday, October 9, 2009

My trip to NM- not Neiman Marcus! Updated Version

I am no longer happy with Blogspot.com. They have changed the format and the pictures now upload in a much lower resolution and are not as large as they once were. But they have got me now as my whole life is posted on here...two years worth and I can't change now.
Day 1
Aunt Phylis made my favorite breakfast of oatmeal and yogurt. We had lunch at this great Irish Pub in Nob Hill. You would like Nob Hill. It is kinda like Little Five Points meets Virginia Highlands, with nice interior design stores, right next to funky shops with costumes and vinyl records and probably a tattoo parlor close by. It is close to the University Campus, so it has a young, eclectic feel, but also refined, like a tiny Georgetown. We stopped inside "Objects of Desire" a unique home furnishings store. In the back they have what they call their Private Collections store, where they basically sell used furniture. But I found it to be extremely overpriced. A Duncan Fife drop leaf table was $500. Crazy. Haven't they heard of The Auction?
The Irish Pub, Two Fools Tavern was delicious. They serve traditional Fish 'n' Chips that are fried to perfection. They are even served on replica newspaper just like they were back in the day. My Irish friends taught me how to appreciate a good Guinness and even convinced me that they are good for me. So I had one of those too and it was the perfect temperature and had just the right amount of foam, and was served with a clover. I also recommend The Flying Star Cafe'& Bakery. We didn't go this time, but I went 12 years ago and still have not forgotten their chocolate ganache raspberry cake.

Afterwards, Phylis and I went to the Nambe' Sale! And I could have gotten two of everything. The sale was at one of the local casino resorts. It is a beautiful facility with an ampitheater and golf course. It would be more beautiful without the cigarette smoke and the constant ringing of slot machines.

I have been to New Mexico three times. The first time I was 6 and I got a Monchichi, 26 years later, I got Nambe! The Monchichi was just as much the prized possession. But, Phylis got me this!!

"This landmark piece created for NambĂ© by award-winning designer Karim Rashid is a model of cooperation, where opposites interact forming a powerful alliance. Soft slopes meet abrupt edges. A small base projects to create an ample vessel. It's both reminiscent of a beloved antique and at home in a modern setting. Use the Planar Bowl as an unexpected display for floral arrangements or candles, or put it to work serving at the table. The smallest size is ideal for holding jewelry or business cards. Overhead or side lighting heightens the drama of this intriguing, full-lead crystal design". It is displayed at the Sungkok Art Museum in Korea.

We then went to the Balloon Fiesta to see the Special Shapes Glowdeo. You get to go right out on the field and watch the crews inflate the balloons. It is a fascinating process. The use large fans to start the process, called cold inflation. Then, with the basket on its side, they start blowing in fire. Slowly the balloon begins to take shape. During the glowdeo they stay tethered to the ground. The announcer counts down periodically for all balloons to Glow and they will all ignite at the same time.

The pictures do not do it justice, but you can click on them to make them larger. It is way more dramatic, colorful and amazing in person. You should go! It is extremely well organized and the largest balloon festival in the whole wide world. There are over 500 here this year.

Attending the Balloon Fiesta requires you to get up really, really, really early. And despite the variety of funnel cake and breakfast burrito venders at the event, I recommend The Range. At first when Uncle John asked Aunt Phylis if she thought we could get into The Range, I thought we were going to go hit golf balls and was actually excited about it. But this Range is way better than my swing. They have the best Huevos Rancheros in town. I love the eclectic design and they have their own cookbook. The menu is vast and everything looks delicious. They have a bakery too!

Friday, October 2, 2009

"Under the Sea Adventures" - Carson Titled This Entry

I am kinda diggin' this life with a 6 year old. You get to eat ice cream in the middle of the day and have an excuse for going down the whale slide at the aquarium and people let you in front of the tanks if you have a little boy holding your hand, especially if you teach him to say, "I can't see!". It works like a charm. Random people talk to you when you have a child and sometimes they give you free stuff like stickers and balloons and lollipops. Traveling solo, you don't get a thing.


One of Carson's favorites, the Leafy Seadragon.

The shirt and sticker are a repeat from the other day. Evidently it's a favorite.

This makes me want a real camera. All of these were taken with my little point and shoot.

This face says it all...he's loving it.

One of those nice people who talk to kids asked Carson if we wanted a picture made with his mom. Carson rolled his eyes and this is what we got...Carson and his slide-lovin', sticker wearin', lollipop lickin' "mom".