Sunday, December 27, 2009

Punkins and Presents

Christmas with the Fallin's began with the kids opening their presents. Emma Grace is very into the details of things. She is the person in the museum who reads every plaque. She reads her Christmas cards with heartfelt appreciation. I never read cards. Ever. If you handwrite something, I read that part, other than that, nope. I open it, wait for the check to fall, read handwritten sentiments, if any, and discard.

Evidently Catherine is not even a big fan of the heartfelt sentiment. And Carson. Well, there is no shame in his game and not being able to read is his excuse for just diving in for the cash. I can't say that I blame him.

I love this child...

She got worship music and paints and brushes!

They both got a canvas. I think they liked them. I love their creativity. Childlike. Expressive. Unedited.

Carson opened all his presents with a real live lizard on his thumb. Didn't you?

The boy loves dressing up. Each year I get him a clearanced costume. Last year it was a kangaroo. This year, his tastes have matured and he got a Storm Trooper. He quickly went behind a chair and stripped. Then came out from hiding transformed, chest stuck out, breathing slow dramatic Storm Trooper breaths.

Then the present opening resumed, lizard included.

Everyone got a Wii game and Catherine got a new wardrobe as only a 12 year old would want.

I love Old Navy.
Then...we got to eat!!!
Oh my.

This was breakfast.
And this is what they do for fun.

And this was dessert!

It is still up for debate as to which sugar is better...the chocolate cake or his...

I think my vote is for the little boy with the worn out teddy bear and mismatched pajamas.
Then Nathaniel woke up. He got a blanket.

And I got more shuggar.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


In all the time that I have had this little blog, over two years, I don't think I have been this long without posting. Even in the remote town of Pemba, I found access and time to post entries to the outside world. But now with two jobs and School of Ministry, I find myself barely having time to shower. I have to stop and ask myself, "When was the last time you bathed?". Seriously. I usually then run my hand up my shin and get a good idea. This is my life. I interpret my cleanliness based on the length of leg hairs. Yes gentlemen, I am still available. But life is good! I am paying off bills and have money in the bank and have security and love that fact that I am doing something to propel myself into where I want to be. Where meaning Africa. My knowledge of current events is lacking, and by that I mean, what's going on with Jim and Pam on The Office, are Tori and Dean still fighting, and just who won Top Chef? I am now caught up in my own Reality and no longer need television entertainment. So I am writing here with no epiphany, just an apology and a cry to my 10 sweet followers to please not leave me. Teena has asked that I sign up for email notifications and I am working on that! You will no longer have to check back daily, monthly, yearly, but can simply sign up to be notified when a new entry is posted. The fish bowl behind my head no longer contains a fish most likely because of my neglect (I like to blame the State of Georgia because he stays in my office and they seemed to have turned off the heat in my office and I think he froze to death), but I won't neglect you. Perhaps my new busy life will propel me into even more encounters and adventures to share and my site will no longer be filled with close ups of naked babies and little boys at the Zoo. Oh, but I am going to see them next week and I am addicted to close-ups of them. This is where I go when I miss them. I scroll down and look at their faces and click on them and make them real big and talk to the computer screen and tell them how much I love them. Yes, gentlemen, I am still available.