Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a fundraising party

I had my first ever fundraising party. Ramona Kucera went above and beyond. It was a small gathering and it felt good to be amongst people I love. I am constantly reminded that summers, dinners, desserts, hugs, sunsets, with my family are never frequent enough and any time I have with family and friends just feels good. So if you find me starring at you, I am just soaking you in and making a memory. If our country didn't copyright and block certain material I would post a youtube video of Hayley Mills smelling her grandfather's jacket that smelled of "tobacco and peppermint".

I was blessed to grow up in a small town where "everybody knows your name" and all your secrets. I hated that as a teenager, but look back now at this little "village" that played a part in raising me and am forever grateful. So Miss Brenda and The Hullet's and The Williams', Kucera's, Fallin's and  Davis' (both sets), gathered on the lake and had the best veggie lasagna I have ever put in my mouth. I am sitting here now wishing I had a slice. I got to hold baby Axel, eavesdrop on my Dad's stories, watch Natty jump in the lake with his clothes on and just sit back and soak it in. I have a very blessed life. I have people in my life who would take me in in a heartbeat, who love me, who give big hugs that mean something and who have my Southern accent. There were people on that back porch who changed my diapers. And if the Williams' girls had been there I could have said the same to them. There is a peace in community that brings hope, life, encouragement, strength, and courage. I can do anything with a little cheering.

So thanks for coming and cheering me on. I am honored to know you.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Graham Cooke must read my blog

A Renewed Mind is One That Will Not Contemplate a Single Day Without Favor

excerpt from "Radical Perceptions" by Graham Cooke

When the Father puts us into Christ, He envisages the same relationship with us that He enjoys with Jesus. We are in Christ so that all the favor He enjoys now comes to us also.

We are not given favor because of who we are, but because of who Jesus is. His favor is ours because we too are heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ (Romans 8:17). We are not given favor because of our performance as believers but because of our placement in the Lord Jesus.

Favor is a special preference of one to another. It is an advantage given from the greater to the lesser. Favor is an intentional bias. It means to consider someone as your favorite. Favor allows us to be esteemed, approved and highly loved by the Father. Everything that the Father has given to Jesus now automatically becomes part of our relationship also. Favor is a relationship. It is the currency that provides all we need in our fellowship with God. It is a lifestyle of walking with God in Christ.

As disciples we understand that favor is our highest position in Christ. It is favor that empowers us to step out of need into provision with absolute confidence that God will provide. Favor is assurance of God’s heart towards us. Favor is the strongest part of our fellowship. It is the evidence in Christ that we are powerful in how we face life and circumstances. Favor makes us alive to God and active in faith. It makes us defiant against the enemy and assertive in our circumstances. Favor makes us receptive to change and available for any upgrades and increases. In favor we become energetic about who we are in Christ. Favor empowers us to be joyfully confident and expectant on life’s journey.

We are never without favor; it is the means by which we cultivate intimacy and become bold in prayer. Every day carries a fresh experience of favor. A true disciple is never without it.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

enlarging my tent while packing up boxes

This time last week I was in Austin, Texas. I went to visit new friends, people I barely knew. Funny how you can know so much about someone whilst knowing so very little. I met this couple, only for a moment, last year at a conference with Iris. They were easily highlighted to me. They just stood out. Granted we were both perched on the front row and were there for a couple of days, still they practically had neon signs above their heads. Apparent. Of a crowd of hundreds, theirs were the faces that stood out to me most. I introduced myself on the last day, we exchanged information and we kept in touch. Every time we spoke it was if I was talking to my closest friend. It may sound cliche' to say perhaps it is because we have the same Dad, but that is really what is is all about. It is the only way two complete strangers, who barely remember what each other looks like or their last names, can delve deep. We are related. We are family. We hear the same voice. I think it has to be one of the most powerful things on earth. The Body. These two dear people swept me in to their home, their life, pulled me a seat up the table, gave me a listening ear, refused to be anything but themselves around me. Transparent. They cried with me, high-fived me, gave me advice, called me out, read my mail, fed me, clothed me. I have never been the recipient of anything like this in my whole life.
What kind of love is this?
Back in February in snowy Ohio I sat around the table with Maggie and Jeff and all hopelessness flew right out the kitchen window when Jeff put his big strong elbows on the table and said, "we have your back". It is impossible to be hopeless in community where friends care for you, advise you, pray for you, laugh with you, hold your hand. And then the tables turn, and they need me. I get to receive it and I get to give.
So I am absolutely undone by these great gifts I have been given. I am so stinkin' rich.

I signed a two year lease on my house yesterday. Welcome, Denese. I am undone. Right here at this little blog I prayed and asked for a renter, one to love my home and care for it. I got it! And she is letting me store my things in the attic so I don't have to hand off boxes to each one of you to keep for me for an undetermined about of time. It is all almost too good to be true. I simply cast the vision of what I wanted and just, very timidly, asked for a nice renter, a two year lease, a place to put my things. And I got it. How does this happen? Could it be that she is a sister too? Part of this family and has the same Dad? I am certain.

This week has left me speechless. I am here, struggling for words. Just a few months ago I didn't have the faith for much of anything. My moment of crisis became my launching pad. I had no choice but to start casting my vision. Rent my house. Sell my car. Raise support. Move to Africa. Start a school. Educate the poor.

All this coming together in just a surreal way forces me to take a look at it all. Am I even dreaming big enough? Do I need to enlarge my tent even more? Do I need to dream even bigger? Will this school be more empowering than I ever dreamed? Can I always have all the finances that I need? Can I have more than enough? Can I make a difference in a nation? A whole big ole country? Do I get to do this for a lifetime?

He has simply proven Himself way too faithful for me to doubt. And if I can't doubt, I can only dream bigger. There is no lack in the Kingdom. He is who He says He is.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

tax deductible giving!

All your donations are now tax deductible. You may make checks payable to:
Abundant Life Fellowship or ALF and mail them to me @ 

c/o Jene Davis
7406 Reed Creek Highway 
Hartwell, Georgia 30643

You will receive an annual statement from them at the end of the year. If you are interested in automatic monthly deductions, electronic payments or have any questions, just ask:

Love, Me

Thursday, June 9, 2011

an update

I think I have a renter for my house! A nice, sweet one who is delighted to live here.
 I am taking private Portuguese Lessons, four hours a week. (Thank you Mama's Bible Study)
I am visiting friends in Texas for the weekend. 
 (Burglar's don't read this.)