Friday, April 8, 2011

for mama's bible study

so just so you ladies know, it is 11:15pm. i am dog tired. in hartwell talk, that means exhausted, worn slap out. not sure why slap makes it more worn out than just worn out, but i am worn slap out. i have not stopped since i left atlanta. i have not really sat down, literally. they don't have sofas in pemba, days are full of walking and activity and hustle and jobs to be done. and now i am here in cape town and so anxious to see it all that i don't want to sit still. the time in mozambique flew by so fast and now i find myself here in cape town, a place i never believed i would get to see. it is lovely here. i think my biggest takeaway today is just how small the kingdom of God is and how precious (and i choose that word carefully) it is to be in it and to know Him. through Iris connections and through friends, i have been welcomed into this Christian community and am staying with a vicar of an Anglican church here in Cape Town. there is something profound and comforting to worship with others half way across the world and just talk about Jesus and His goodness with people of different nationalities. it expands my faith. it makes the world seem quite tiny. this town is very diverse, so many nationalities gather and worship yet it feels like family.
so i HAVE to go to bed and crawl under covers and sleep deep. i am meeting a fellow mission school alum tomorrow for breakfast. i do not know her at all but she did the same mission school as i did and therefore we all become family in one way or another and she is entertaining me and showing me cape town tomorrow.
i will post more photos and share much more soon.
thank you for your prayers.

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