Friday, February 13, 2009

Online Silliness!

From Day 1, the whole concept of Webkinz has bothered me. I am not sure why I even have an opinion on the matter. But the sheer commercial-ness and total racket that it has become concerns me deeply. Racket you say? Yes, racket. "A systematised element of organized crime". Webkinz creators are stealing money from millions of children all over the US and I fear Europe and Canada too. They manufacture these poor stuffed animals with which are never played, only to have tags ripped violently from their ears as they are tossed to the ground, stuffed in the bottom of toy boxes, and placed in basements all over the world. These coveted tags become the key to a childhood addiction to the internet; a colorful world of games, to earn monies, to buy goods to keep the online character alive and satisfied with materialism. It is sick and twisted. Children spend hundreds of dollars accumulating a variety of animals that all consume their time, keep them obsessed with the computer and away from the sunny outdoors and much needed physical activity and family interaction.
Tonight, my own flesh and blood called me with excited chatter and sweet words of concern for me. My heart was delighted to hear their precious voices as they described to me their weekend getaway cabin in the mountains where they were staying with their family. I assumed they were calling because my absence was so apparent and they yearned to hear my sweet voice. They were giddy with excitement of their new surroundings, but were quick to reveal the true meaning of the phone call. There is no internet in the cabin in the mountains. The panic in their girly high pitched voices was sincere. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and it means for a very special treat for all Webkinz members. It's only once a year. You only have 24 hours to sign in. It is coveted by the World of Webkinz elite. So now, I will awaken first thing in the morning, to coffee with cream, soft scrambled eggs with Ezekiel bread toasted and won't be reading the New York Times online, but signing on to Webkinz World to make sure Catherine and Emma Grace get the most coveted Valentine's Day Webkinz Virtual Gift. I signed on earlier to make sure I properly jotted down their user names and passwords. They have trivia games and puzzle games galore. Catherine, I earned you 35 KinzCash! And Bubbles, the dolphin was hungry so I gave him some milk and cookies and bought the oh-so-cute Adirondack chairs for his beach house. Oh, and I totally rock at Bamboo Break.


  1. yeah right ! gracie and carson spend hours playing with the stuffed animal! and it is not sick and twisted you are fibbing.the tags are not even on the animals ears !

  2. i love you, Anonymous. i apologize. i was wrong. tags are not on ears and they get plenty of love. i love you, cate. thanks for trusting your webkinz to me. i had fun playing with them. i love you.