Thursday, August 16, 2012


I am having difficulties with my visa again. I paid for a 180 day single entry visa while in the States from the Mozambican Embassy in DC. They gave me the wrong kind. Immigration has been stamping my passport to look as if I have left the country. A few weeks ago the country changed all visas: they will no longer renew 40 days visas and now they offer a 2 year residency visa. With all these changes they will no longer stamp my passport. I had had a feeling this was going to happen. They gave me a 30 day visa,at a price. But now I have 30 days to make arrangements to leave the country and to sort out my visa. When I re-enter, I really need to have a 3 month visa to cover the rest of my stay. Now I am weighing my options and seeing which embassy's offer the visa that I need. And pricing flights...

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