Thursday, November 3, 2011

"I feel like a prisoner on furlough". - Perry Gaspard

I am really at a loss for words. My life has so drastically changed in such a short period of time.  A year ago I sat in an office in a suit in a concrete city and attended boring meetings and prayed to be rescued. Now I am sitting on a concrete porch in a plastic chair. A mangey dog has wandered up and is digging in the red dirt. I have not spotted a lizard yet, but I know he is watching me. Men are singing and clapping in the classroom down the hill and a baby is crying in the Clinic and the South African nurse is telling him how cute he is. The Indian Ocean is over my shoulder. How did I ever truly live in that other life?
The school is up and running until mid December and will resume full force next year. Our curriculum director will arrive in January and we are hoping to have more classes to offer in more advanced stages. We also anticipate visiting teachers, constantly coming and going.
My days are filling up with lots of activity and I am slowly learning to step to the rhythm of life here. Meetings happen when they happen and I always seem to bump into the right person at the right time despite no emails or Blackberry's. It all comes together organically and eventually. It is an hourly lesson in patience.
This morning I am making attendance charts and will do my best to round up the kids before class this afternoon. This is new to them and they are not used to having it on their schedule. I should have an office soon. It is tiny, but has a great breeze and two windows and a door that locks and a tile floor. I will post more photos soon. I feel your prayers.

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