Friday, March 20, 2009

Wix and Stars and Me in my 20's!

So this isn't about you Wix, it's about me. This was four years ago. I look so young! It was taken at "Galey Kaley's" wedding. I just found this picture that I "borrowed" off the wedding photographers website and just had to share. I like dancing with tall men, they make you look teeny tiny. I look 12. I look enamored with Wix, but actually I just knew we were being photographed and wanted to appear more composed that I really was at the time. Wix was a UGA basketball player, is a House member, a cyclist, a Democrat, a Viet Nam vet and an incredible person. He gave me a patch of his division, Americal, during the war that depicts the Southern Cross. The patch is a sky blue shield with the four stars forming the Southern Cross. I have it Scotch taped to my computer monitor until I find a more prominent place to display it, but I look at it every day. I am a star gazer, thanks to Dad, and love the Southern Cross. It was huge across the sky in Mozambique. I loved that you could stare at the sky for only a few minutes and were pretty much guaranteed to see a shooting star. Having been to Viet Nam and seeing the war museum's there I was given a pretty graphic depcition of what the war was like and have huge respect for the men and women who served there. Yet, Wix, despite his political affiliation had already gained my respect. He reads my blog and gives good advice and loves his family. He sits quietly in the back of the House chamber, grumbling about this or that going on in the House, always has pictures of his grandchildren handy and despite his demeanor, surely loves every minute of it.

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