Sunday, March 29, 2009

I did this

I got up this morning at 5:30. Put on two cups of coffee, my Mizuno running tights, Brooks Glycerine 6 shoes and a dri-fit tee. I took one look at my bangs and I went back to the closet for a cap. I stood in the kitchen and scarfed down cottage cheese with raspberries and half a protein bar and sipped my coffee and was out the door by 6:00am. It was much colder than I thought it would be, and windy too. I jumped a few metal barriers and into the corrals and ran with 15,000 others for 13.1 miles, through downtown, past the Martin Luther King Center, through Inman Park, Virginia Highlands, Tech Campus and back to Centennial Park. I was rewarded with 3 Publix brand oreo cookies and a mini bagel. I kinda hurt from the waist down, but other than that I feel great! Betty Fallin made a chocolate cake and there are two slices in aluminium foil on my kitchen counter. As soon as the nausea passes I am going to eat them both!


  1. it's such a great feeling to do stuff like this! i'm proud of you, and am anticipating your first marathon :).

  2. you are too kind. thank you! it was fun. i am still very uncertain about ever running a full, but that is kind of the next step isn't it? i am pretty content with the half and so are my feet, joints and lungs!