Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stacy Campbell Teaching

How to Pray the Bible- from my sporadic notes

1. Learn to Pray- it does not come naturally, you learn in the secret place, the disciples had to learn Luke 11:1
2. Determine to work at prayer- it should be aggressive, not passive, get up and move around as there is a connection between movement and brain focus Hebrews 5:7
3. Set a time and a place to pray- adapt this to your lifestyle pray morning and again at night Psalm 55 and Psalm 142, what you behold you become, II Corin 3:17-18
4. Pray to God- many have a distorted view of God, it takes revelation to know who He truly is- our worldview is formed by our environment versus the real truth. God will break expectations of who He is. We should develop a picture in our mind and address the Lord as you bring yourself before God Revelation Chapter 4 gives a vivid description. Mix prayer with faith. Also know that in Christ, strength is perfected in weakness. With Christ, the less you know the better it is. God delights in weakness and foolishness, like at the men in the Bible that He used. Our weakness becomes a launch pad to take us into His presence.
Rev 4-5
Rev 1
Ez 1
Is 6
Ex 33-34
Dan 7:10
All descriptions of God found in scripture
5. Pray the Bible, learn the language of the Spirit to express your heart, express spiritual truths in spiritual words I Corin 2, pray actual Bible verses and phrases, slowly and repetitively
6. Pray outloud- To know when you have stopped! It is hard to think of something else when you are talking. The tongue keeps the mind focused.
7. Silence and prayer of the heart- This is the pinnacle of prayer, not the starting point. For example, if your first date were a date of silence you would assume things didn’t go so well, it has to be talkative and verbal. Yet, after years of marriage, you can speak to one another in silence. Leave time at the end of prayer of silence and meditation of the heart.

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