Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Scabies is all clear! Just in case you were wondering. Things are still great here. The atmosphere is just unexplainable. I am certain it has to do with years and years of prayers for Iris Ministries to be a haven and a starting point to reach out to the nations. Today we washed the feet of the Mozambican pastors. Every day is something like this, just life changing encounters. Monday a little chubby toddler came up to me during our Community Service and I held him, he feel asleep on my shoulder and drooled on me. I was touched by his trust of me, a total stranger. It felt good, just holding him in my arms and loving on him. Today, is was another humbling experience to wash the calloused feet of a man who walked for miles to be there and is a man who has more faith than I do. It cannot NOT cause a shift in your way of thinking and you cannot truly ever be the same after doing something like this. They daily bless me.
Our teachings this week have been incredible. I have notes and will try to share my version this weekend. I made a last minute, unexpected trip to town and just wanted to report something.
Just know that I am more than well and I miss you, but am beginning to believe that if you want to see me you best get your passports up to date.
Much love,

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