Thursday, July 5, 2007

lions, tigers and scabies, oh my!

Ok, there are no lions or tigers, but I do think I may have scabies. The doctor in the clinic at the time did not speak English but he gave me scabies cream and told me it was from "holding baby". Treating it, all is well.
I had a traditional Kenyan meal this week with two of the students who are from there and live in the bush. They told amazing stories about elephants and pythons and life in the bush. The meal was very good. They both breezed around the little kitchen and meticulously prepared our meal. They purchased two large guinea fowl- one of which I watched Tamara (my roommate from Holland) saw its head off while alive. The knife was dull. They prepared the fowl and put it in a big pot with lots of spices, tomatos, peppers, garlic, onion and potatoes. We also had fresh greens that were my favorite. They served this along with a huge slice of rice type stuff that was in the form of a cake and we used that to sop up the juices.
Robert told us the story of his chipped tooth. He told us how he used to drink a lot and go to the disco and was drunk all the time. He was in a head on collision with another vehicle and four people died instantly. God met him there, no religion, duty, obligation, guilt or remorse. Just the simple message of a Savior meeting him there on that road in that experience and now he is changed. The change is real, true and pure. His faith is not tainted or jaded. A living Savior met him, delivered him from himself and a miserable life of abuse and misery and gave him joy, peace and daily pours out to him the desires of his heart.
I have had wonderful teaching this week from Heidi, Rolland and Winnie Banov. The big wedding is this weekend and we are preparing for that. I will be going away the following weekend to the "bush bush" for outreach. I am nervous and excited. We have a big project due Monday that we are all working on. We have been assigned a scripture and we are to show how someone from the "underside" or the marginalized would view that scripture differently than we. We are trying to do a video and if it turns out I will post it when I return.
Eating too well...still loving it here...not much time for snorkeling, trying to run the beach each morning...May have opportunity to help build a home for someone. I will keep you posted on that.
If you see Catherine, Gracie, Carson or any of the Eavenson trio, give them hugs and kisses for me.

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