Saturday, February 24, 2007

Student Testimony

September, 2006
"Two and half months of sitting in the dirt under an open heaven. Ten short weeks of being poured into by some of the finest leaders out there. A lifetime of relationships of people to fly with into God's unformed dreams... Disclaimer: God will change your life here if you let Him! He changed mine. I can never go back. I can never return. I cannot express how grateful I am to Him for what He has done in me in this place where African dirt mixes with heaven's glory. I have been in ministry for ten years, have had university level biblical training and NEVER have I encountered more profound teaching. This is categorically the best missions training I have ever gotten. But it is not the teaching alone that changes you-it is truth combined with Spirit. It is truth delivered with explosive encounters of His Presence, taught from lives laid down in love. Holy-Given is much more than a school. It is an encounter with the One Who was Holy-Given for us so we could be wholly-given to Him. Through Holy-Given, God gave me so much more than good worship times, wonderful revelatory insights and effective training, He gave me more of Himself. And He gave me family. I could never thank Him enough."
—Michelle Perry USA

After completing the school, Michelle went to the Sudan to serve with Iris.

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